Sherman Board of Selectmen Pass Resolution Opposing Tolls in Connecticut

Sherman Board of Selectmen Pass Resolution Opposing Tolls in Connecticut

Last night, in a 2-1 vote (Don Lowe and Bob Ostrosky For, Kevin Keenan Against), the Board of Selectmen passed the following resolution which opposes tolls in Connecticut.

Congratulations to the Board for recognizing that tolls on I-84 would have a negative impact to traffic patterns throughout our town and taking action.

Resolution Opposing Tolls in Connecticut

• Whereas the Governor and many members of the State Legislature have signaled support for the placement of tolls on Connecticut’s major roadways including Interstate 84;

• Whereas many of the residents of Sherman use these roadways each day for work, family obligations and pleasure and spend a significant amount of time on these roads;

• Whereas the implementation of tolls will result in a significant increase in the amount of traffic on Sherman’s roadways, particularly State Roads 37, 39, and 55 as drivers attempt to avoid the cost burden from tolls on I-84;

• Whereas the increased volume of traffic from trucks, automobiles, and other vehicles through our Town would negatively impact the safety of our residents including children at the Sherman School, reduce residential property values all along Routes 37, 39 and 55, and increase the Town’s costs for services and infrastructure repairs;

• Whereas the residents of Connecticut already pay more in taxes and fees than most residents in other states around the country;

• Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Board of Selectmen in the Town of Sherman is opposed to the imposition of tolls and urges the Governor and its elected representatives in the State Legislature to oppose any measure that would impose tolls.