Hartford Courant Article Shows Fix is in for Tolls

Hartford Courant Article Shows Fix is in for Tolls

“This is a David and Goliath struggle”

Today the Hartford Courant revealed a “playbook” created by Hartford political insiders dedicated to selling the public on the unpopular idea of tolls on Connecticut’s highways. The report shows that corporate firms have a vested interest in trying to profit off the backs of Connecticut commuters by taxing people for driving to work.

“This is a David and Goliath fight,” said Patrick Sasser, head of No Tolls CT. “We’re grassroots. We don’t have the political clout or the backing of big corporate lobbyists. This report just shows this is an inside game designed to take nearly one billion dollars per year from the people of Connecticut.”

The playbook tries to develop messaging to push back against the reality that tolls are taxes and persuade lawmakers who might be on the fence on this issue to back tolling nearly every highway in the state.

However, a recent poll released by Sacred Heart University, as well as nearly 100,000 signatures on No Tolls CT’s petition shows their messaging, so far, hasn’t worked.

“There will be continued resistance to these tolling bills,” Sasser says. “Connecticut drivers shouldn’t be paying so corporations can make money. We’re not backing down. This just adds more fuel to our fire.”

No Tolls CT recently took out a billboard at the intersection of Route 8 and I-95 to raise further awareness of how tolls will affect Connecticut drivers.

For more information, visit www.notollsct.org