"Vote for Tolls, Lose at the Polls"

Stamford (September 3, 2019) No Tolls CT has paid for highway billboards along I-91 in Hartford, I-84 in Waterbury and I-95 in New Haven to raise awareness about Gov. Ned Lamont's continued push to establish congestion tolling on Connecticut's interstate highways.

The billboards were paid for with donations made to No Tolls CT and remind lawmakers of Connecticut residents' continued opposition to tolls, which amount to a tax on driving to work.

Recent media reports indicate Gov. Lamont is trying to reboot his toll plan, but founder of No Tolls CT, Patrick Sasser, says No Tolls CT is also ramping up operations to continue the fight.

"We never stopped fighting, door-knocking and getting petition signatures over the summer," Sasser said. "We don't need a reboot because we have the people of Connecticut on our side."

The billboards encourage the public to contact their lawmaker about tolls and remind lawmakers that if they vote for tolls, they will lose at the polls.

"2020 is an election year," Sasser said. "Do these politicians really want a vote for tolls hanging over their heads? It costs enough already to live and work in Connecticut without having to pay the state government everyday just to drive to work."

The Lamont administration says it needs $800 million in toll revenue to pay for the state's infrastructure needs, but the 2019 budget agreement diverted $170 million in vehicle sales tax revenue from the Special Transportation Fund.

"Connecticut's politicians need to look at the way the state spends money on transportation," Sasser said. "They need to fully fund the Special Transportation Fund before they force every driver to pay multiple tolls to use highways they already paid for."

No Tolls CT encourages Connecticut residents to donate to help fight tolls on highways. Yard signs and t-shirts are available for purchase at

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